Excellence in Agricultural Education, Research and Extension for Sustainable Agricultural Development, Ecosystem    services and Livelihood Security of Hill farming systems.


Foster Leadership, Discovery, Knowledge Creation, of integrated agricultural and environmental systems for students, the farming community, and society at large.

Develop and  deliver solutions to greater agricultural challenges

Develop stewardship and health of soil, water, and bio-resources of State for future generations

To be a client oriented, performance driven, environmentally responsible organization delivering integrated services aligned to a changing food and agriculture system


Learning – Creating powerful, relevant learning experiences for our students staff and stake holders

Discovery – Collecting, analyzing and interpreting information and data to create new knowledge and insights on Farm issues of productivity, profitability and ecosystem

Innovation – Developing farmer-relevant, innovative learning experiences and research, drawing on all of our creative abilities

Excellence –excellence in provision of service to our stakeholders, recognizing the trust they place in us in a way that all our activities are delivered at a level that sets a standard for excellence.

Teamwork –Respect all members at all hierarchical levels, appreciate member’s individual talents and their contribution to the institution development and success.